Sunday, May 13, 2018

Book Club for World History Teachers

If you are interested in recent scholarship about World History, you might enjoy this new book club on Goodreads started by some AP World History teachers in March. The Trouble with Empire, by Antoinette Burton, was the first book the club read.

Now, we are reading Odd Arne Westad's 700 page book about the Cold War. If you are interested in joining the group, you can use this link. It’s a private group, so you have to request to join the discussion.

You can buy the Westad book at Amazon.

I found some interesting applications for the book in the introduction where Westad establishes both context and sysnthesis for the Cold War. He reminds us, for example, that bipolarity existed in ancient Greece when Sparta and Athens faced each other and again  in the 17th century when Spain and England faced each other. And he noted that the Cold War did not happen in a vacuum. Profound changes in the international system like the development of nation states and nationalism provided context.

What is Gooreads? Goodreads is a site  owned by Amazon for readers and book recommendations.

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