Monday, July 9, 2018

BBC IWonder Guides about Religion


BBC developed IWonder interactive guides in 2014. The guides "explore a range of factual and education topics from Science and Natural History, Arts, History, Religion and Ethics, Food and more."

They are colorful, interactive, and easy to read and often include short video and audio clips, infographics, and excellent written summaries.

The IWonder guides that deal with religion are terrific and can work well in the classroom. For example, the guide, "Why do Buddhists meditate" includes a terrific video clip with host, Betttany Hughes, the British historian.

The guide on the Baha’i, "Can a religion accept other faiths," includes a clip with host, Rev. Peter Owen Jones, the English Anglican clergyman and author,  and a great slideshow of important Baha’i sites.

Here are IWonder guides that deal with religion.

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