Monday, May 31, 2010

AP Summer Assignments
This is a summary of some of the summer assignments I found online. Most are in pdf format, so if you like it, download, go to, upload it and in about two hours, you will have it in doc format and then can make it your own.
  1. This one has vocab, geography skills, readings on pre-history and religion
  2. This one is similar to the one above, but less work for the students
  3. This one uses an embedded assignment (always like more helpful technology) and has the students fill out charts, maps and yes, vocab definitions of the early needs for world history
  4. This may be the best of the first four (and uses Stearns).
  5. Here is one for Guns, Germs and Steel and another and still another and one that talks about how to be a critical reader
  6. Here and here are one for one of my favorite books History of the World in Six Glasses
  7. This one allows you to choose from a list of books

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