Monday, May 31, 2010

Intro Video to AP World History
I found this video from a newer blogger out there who can be found AP World Guru on Twitter.


MY MUSINGS said...

Some of the members of my team made a video intro to our regualar world history class, and in most ways it fits AP, but it others it doesn't. It's all images set to music, but no video clips.

I like the trailer, and it has inspired me to add some more. I wish it covered all five themes and more than just what looked like military action clips. I guess you couldn't pub it as a movie trailer if you make it longer. Maybe a series of "movie previews"

Marc V said...

I had thought of adding all five themes, but didn't want the trailer to run too long. Then I had to make the difficult choice of what theme would really appeal to HS kids to get them "pumped" up for the fall, and went with the theme that you see in the video. I think of it as a "teaser", but your points about its limited content are spot on.